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Authors exercise their "write" to self-publish

(CBS News) Even John Lennon - a Beatle - needed a publisher for his first book, "In His Own Write," back in 1964. Today authors nobody ever heard of can publish their own work all by themselves . . . in their own "write," as it were. Cover Story is reported by Rita Braver

Excerpt from the Espresso Book Machine Segment (5:56 mark):

Still, it seems that nothing trumps the will to publish - even in print! For those who still want a product they can hold, there's The Espresso Book Machine, which turns out bound paperbacks in places like Manhattan's McNally Jackson Books. Coordinator Beth Steidle says printing prices start at just $19, and she's seen a big increase self-publishing.

"In the beginning it was maybe 50 books a month; now we print on the average of 1,000 books a month," Steidle said.